Silty gravel bag

Silage cellar bag (silty gravel bag) Perfect alternative tires, woven bags and other traditional pressure pit products Seal tight - long strip 1.2 m X0.27 m appearance, side seal close fit pits wall Easy operation - small footprint and simple operation Durable health - strong enough, durable, warranty for 7 years; fine gap drainage is not water

  • 型号: 120cm x 27cm|100cm x 27cm
  • 品牌: BOCK
  • 价格:

Modern silviculture of Tongliao pasture



Do you still use tires to fill the entire silo? Are you still worried about tires? Silage gravel bags in Europe already have more than a million in use. This gravel bag is made of the latest technology and has strict quality control to ensure maximum UV stability and longest service life, can guarantee more than 7 years of use. Silage gravel bag is well dispersed, durable, easy to use, placed neat and beautiful, lower than the cost of traditional tires, the effect is better.

Boco gravel bag standard type

• 27 X 100 cm / 27 X 120 cm [250 pieces / box]

• Green

• Sealed with a plastic coated stainless steel wire tie

Tip: Gravel bag should be filled with 4-8 mm round gravel, to ensure the best water permeability (traditional tires easy to water, easy to cause the upper silage damage). Fill should not exceed 2/3 of the bag volume



Standard Edition:

Standard Plus:




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